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eSign Signature Capture

Productive Computing, Inc.

This plug-in allows FileMaker Pro to capture signatures and bind them to information stored in your database. If the data ever changes, or if the signature is tampered with, the software renders the signature invalid. Use the eSign plug-in to decrease labor and processing time of your standard forms as well as increasing security for your organization.

In addition, the Tablet PC version of this powerful plug-in allows you to capture signatures while on the road.


Capture single or multiple signatures and legally bind them to data stored in your FileMaker solution.


Electronic signature capture far exceeds the human eye in its ability to verify identity. That’s why the security capabilities of Electronic signature capture range from simple to elaborate. Electronic signature capture can be used for unattended access control to private areas (military bases, scientific facilities, government installations and prisons) to protecting your customers from identity theft.


Render the signature form to text allowing you to use the signature in a FileMaker container field for all your signing needs.

Terminal Servers:

Remote access allowing file transportation over a network is supported. The Topaz BSB signature model T-LBK462-BSB (SignatureGem LCD 1X5) is strongly recommended for eSign plug-in use in a terminal services environment.
Requirements: FileMaker Pro 15 - 17 (32-bit and 64-bit) Topaz SigPlus Software Windows 7/8/10

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