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Allegro Timeclock

Allegro Data Solutions

• Employees record their hours by punching a virtual time clock
• The time clock automatically calculates overtime and payroll deductions, based on the rates you specify
• Employee records are only visible to your Personnel Department and Administrator accounts
• Managers can track Contacts, Estimates, and Jobs with a separate user interface
• Estimates and Invoices can be printed, saved as PDF files, or exported as spreadsheets
• Estimates can be linked to, or turned into, Invoices

This app was built entirely in FileMaker Pro. It does not require any other software or service to function. It can run on a single computer shared by multiple users, or it can be hosted on a network using FileMaker Server 17 or later. U.S. customers can hire Allegro Data Solutions to customize this solution if necessary.
Requirements: FileMaker 17 or later.

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