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360Works Web Services Manager for FileMaker


Web Services manager allows any SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) compatible software to trigger FileMaker scripts using SOAP XML formats. This could include Flash, .NET, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, C++, or many more. Using Web Services Manager makes FileMaker indistinguishable from any other SOAP server, which puts FileMaker on a level playing field with any IT solution. Use Web Services Manager to integrate FileMaker with otherwise incompatible software, and push and pull data easily.

Installation is simple: copy two FileMaker Pro files and a PHP file to FileMaker Server. No plug-ins or other software required. Then, configure which scripts to publish using a FileMaker based GUI. Web Services Manager handles all the XML translation. Now, read and update your FileMaker Pro database in real time.
Requirements: FileMaker Server 9 or later, Web Publishing must be enabled.

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