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  • Company: 360Works
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  • Language: English
  • Price: The plug-in is free to download, and costs 99 cents per month + $1 per GB stored and $1 per GB transferred. - USD
  • For .fmp12 file format

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360Works SafetyNet


SafetyNet works hand-in-hand with FileMaker Server. Once installed as a plug-in on a FileMaker Server, SafetyNet watches for changes to the scheduled backup sets. When new files are detected, SafetyNet automatically compresses and transfers the latest backups to Amazon’s secure offsite digital storage facilities using SSL encryption. As with any effective, reliable backup solutions, SafetyNet requires no user intervention after the initial setup. It works automatically to guarantee that the latest versions of users’ files are safely stored on a remote server, and will e-mail the administrator in the event of a backup failure (and optionally, on backup success).

To use, simply install the plug-in on FileMaker Server. SafetyNet will watch for any changes made to FileMaker Pro files, and create backups to Amazon’s offsite storage facility. We’ve included a web-based control panel accessible from anywhere you have access to FileMaker Server, giving access to backups and restores.
Requirements: FileMaker Server 11 or higher

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