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360Works CloudMail Plugin for Email Marketing in FileMaker


360Works CloudMail lets you send e-mails to any size audience. From a single recipient to a million person municipal database, this plug-in will send and track outbound email messages using Amazon Web Services. It is the ideal solution for sending marketing e-mails.

- Track who is receiving, viewing, clicking links, and bounces in your e-mails

- Handles unsubscribe requests automatically (CAN-SPAM Act compliant)

- Send e-mail campaigns in plaint text or HTML

- Analytics included! Let CloudMail handle the tracking parameters set up, and Source, Medium, and Campaign data will be passed back to your measurement platforms such as Google Analytics.

- Easier integration. You can now simply copy and paste the tables and scripts to your solution.

- Doubled the speed of retrieval for campaign results downloads.

If you have used e-mail marketing or commercial e-mail delivery services, you may wonder why you should switch to CloudMail. CloudMail is fundamentally different than these services, because rather than just exporting your e-mail list, the whole process is driven by your own FileMaker scripts.

You can send a single message to everybody or send a customized message to each recipient. The delivery results are streamed directly into your FileMaker database, where you can create your own reports and relationships. In addition, the per-delivery cost is extremely low - it's free for up to 62,000 messages per month, and approximately $1 per 10,000 messages after that.
Requirements: FileMaker 12 or later. All 360Works plugins are designed to run on Mac and on Windows.

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