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360Works SuperContainer


SuperContainer uses the FileMaker Web Viewer to make document management, digital asset management, and image storage faster, more efficient, and more manageable than standard container fields. It also uploads files to the Web Publishing Engine through a web browser with PHP or Instant Web Publishing.

SuperContainer features many improvements to the standard container field, including drag and drop uploads, progress bar indicators, and much faster load times. SuperContainer works with FileMaker Go and early versions of FileMaker for legacy support.

In comparison to enhanced containers, SuperContainer also offers flexible storage options for multiple machine deployments, web file uploads, SSL encryption when transmitting files, and better web capabilities. SuperContainer is compatible with PHP or Java, making integration with non-FileMaker systems much simpler.

Store files better with SuperContainer!
Requirements: FileMaker 12 or later. All 360Works plugins are designed to run on Mac and on Windows.

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