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  • Company: SeedCode LLC
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  • Language: English
  • Price: Starts at $199 plus $49 per device (iPad, iPhone, or laptop) - USD
  • Industry: General Purpose
  • Task: Other Tasks
  • Optimized for iPad / iPhone
  • For .fmp12 file format
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GoZync: Offline Sync for FileMaker Go

SeedCode LLC

• Local FileMaker Go files run faster and feel more like native apps.

GoZync lets you deploy local files to your users: files that run ON the iPad or iPhone instead of from FileMaker Server. Local files run faster (and open faster) than hosted files, making them feel more like your users expect iOS apps to behave.

With GoZync you can deploy several smaller, single-purpose apps rather than asking your users to run the mothership system on their mobile devices.

- Push and pull data over shaky (even 3G) connections.

- Gracefully handle disconnects in the middle of data transfers.

- Deploy new builds of the mobile files to your users.

- Pull found sets (just my data) down to mobile users.

- Rely on database transactions for reliable sync.

• Easily delivery new builds to your users - Your users can simply click "update" to download the latest version of your mobile file.

• New: Field-Level Merge - With this turned on, GoZync will only send the fields that have been changed since the last zync, instead of sending the whole record.

• Sync Different, iOS Specific files - Your FileMaker Go files are likely simpler, smaller versions of your mothership solution (or they *should* be), and GoZync will sync dissimilar fields and tables.

• Updated and Tuned for FileMaker 13, including revised example files that you can use as the basis of your own mobile solution. GoZync is built solely in FileMaker Pro so it's easy to modify and extend to suit your business requirements.
Requirements: GoZync requires FileMaker Pro 12 and the latest version of FileMaker Go. It works with FileMaker 12 Server, but server is not required. GoZync uses no plug-ins, java, or "weird stuff". Not that we don't love weird stuff.

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