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Troi Grabber Plug-in

Troi Automatisering

With Troi Grabber you can show a live video preview and let the user click to grab the current image into a container.

The Mac OS X version additionally can crop pictures to grab only the desired part of the video image, rotate pictures before grabbing and record a movie with one click, even HD movies! The recording of a movie from a video input source can be either for a specified number of seconds or until the mouse is clicked. The movie is saved to a specified file on the hard disk. You can also get timecodes of a recorded movie and the duration of the movie in timecode.

On Mac OS X you need QuickTime version 7 or higher installed and a video input source that is compatible with QuickTime. Examples of these inputs are the built-in iSight (on MacBooks), a DV camera connected to a FireWire port, other video-in ports and several web cams. On Windows you need a TWAIN compatible input source, like a video camera (Cam Corder), and installed TWAIN drivers for this input source.
Requirements: FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 13, 12, 11 and 10

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