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myFMbutler AutoSender is a messaging solution robot that allows you to automatically send e-mails from your FileMaker solutions, based on the status of a FileMaker field. You can easily manage several files from which to send e-mail.

• Checks which e-mails need to be sent, based on FileMaker field criteria

• Communicates with FileMaker Server using either JDBC or XML

• Runs a background process (a daemon on MacOS X - a service on Windows)

• Supports plain text as well as HTML e-mail, and mixed plain/HTML messages

• Allows for multiple files / tables to be checked for e-mails to be sent, whether on a local LAN or over the internet

• Logging of date and time when e-mail was sent

• Reporting of unsent e-mails

• Support for attachments, stored either externally or in a container field

Integrates fax and SMS functionality through the use of 3rd party fax or SMS services

A single solution manages automated messaging from different FileMaker solutions

• Easy installation and maintenance - does not require any installation on the client side

• Does not use the e-mail client on the user machine, so you have more control over what's happening after the e-mails have left FileMaker

• AutoSender can run on the server, or on a separate machine - it can even connect to the FileMaker server over Internet

• Ideal for integration in IWP solutions (e.g. send e-mails automatically when new records are created, when records have changed, etc.)

• Extensible architecture - can also be used for fax
Requirements: For FileMaker: • FileMaker Server 15 with XML publishing enabled or with ODBC/JDBC sharing enabled. • FileMaker Server 14 with XML publishing enabled or with ODBC/JDBC sharing enabled. • FileMaker Server 13 with XML publishing enabled or with ODBC/JDBC sharing enabled. For AutoSender background application: • MacOS X 10.6.8 or higher • Windows XP or higher • Windows 2003 server or higher • Java 1.5 or higher

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