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Goya Pty Ltd

RESTfm turns your FileMaker Server into a RESTful Web Service, so you can access your FileMaker Server databases via the web using a common REST architecture with easy to understand API calls.

RESTfm gives you full Create, Read, Update and Delete ( CRUD ) operations on FileMaker Server hosted data via standard HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods.

RESTfm allows you to use standard FMS Privileges for limiting access plus it has the option of adding an API key method on top of, or instead of, account and password authentication.

RESTfm allows you to simply integrate you FileMaker server with other applications Web Service clients, to send form data directly from web to FMS, to do syncing quickly on port 80 from FM Go and much more. The possibilities are endless.

RESTfm is a way of accessing your FMS hosted data. REST is a commonly used architecture so lots of other products and services already have methods for interacting with Web Services. Using RESTfm means you can make your FMS data tables accessible to these other products without any extra coding or work.
Requirements: FileMaker Server 11 or 12. Version 3.0 of RESTfm supports FileMaker Server 13 and OS X Mavericks. CWP enabled FMS and at least one database with the fmphp extended privilege enabled. IIS 7 on Windows and Apache 2.0 on the Mac.

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