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PHP Analytics Pro 12

Formulations Pro

PHP Analytics Pro 12 is an application designed to supplement your existing web site by tracking visitor information, page usage, marketing campaigns, referrals, customers, and live analytical data dashboards. By understanding where your visitors are coming from, what information they are accessing, the load on your web site, and the success of your marketing campaigns you can build a better, more intuitive experience for your customers, which can aid in more effective marketing spending, customer loyalty and retention, and sales growth.

PHP Analytics key components include:

* Log module - retains all the information about each hit made on your web site.

* Campaign module - provides information about which campaigns are running on your web site and your marketing channels.

* Customer module - keeps track of all your web site customers in one location, including features for login account name, passwords, and the ability to unsubscribe from email campaigns for CAN-SPAM Act compliance.

* Referrer module - keeps track of all “back door” marketing channels that direct traffic to your web site. This is critical to determine which marketing channels are providing you with coverage and/or making you money.

* Data dashboards - gives you a live, graphical view of the statistics for your web site. Covers everything from hits per day, platform and browser access, individual page results, regional locations, unique visitor counts, bounce rates, and much more!
Requirements: FileMaker Pro 12, 13, and 14. FileMaker Server 12, 13, and 14.

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