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  • Company: Linear Blue
  • Language: English
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SyncServer Pro

Linear Blue

Linear Blue's SyncServer Pro (SSP) is the foremost tool for FileMaker disaster recovery and multi-server synchronization. Backed by over 15 years experience building sophisticated data solutions for a host of Fortune 100 companies, SSP has completely reimagined how synchronization solutions are setup, deployed and managed.

SyncServer Pro is a FileMaker based user interface (UI) for multi-server database replication, custom synchronization, or data recovery across your network. Using one way, bi-directional or multi-hub synchronization, SSP performs near-real-time synchronization between multiple FileMaker Server and/or SQL servers. 

Since it’s created with multiple levels of functionality, SSP is an ideal data solution for all levels of IT professionals, from the beginner to the advanced developer. The software is designed for easy deployment  directly from within the FileMaker environment. 

Extremely easy setup and deployment of any or all of the following:

• Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

• Audit Logging

• Warm/Hot Failover

• Load-balancing

• Offline Development Assistant

• Multi-Site Synchronization For Maximum Performance and Availability

• Enterprise Data Integration

• And much, much more!

With an uncomplicated 3-Tier pricing plan, SyncServer Pro offers its customers the ability to increase the level of related functionality and number of servers as needed. Tier 1 is completely FREE of charge while Tiers 2 and 3 range in price from $1250 to $2850+ respectively.
Requirements: The SyncServer Pro engine runs on FileMaker Server 12 or greater, Macintosh or Windows. With the deployment assistant running in FileMaker Pro 14, Macintosh or WINdows.

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