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Troi Text Plug-in

Troi Automatisering

Troi Text Plug-in is a powerful tool for for dealing efficiently with text in your FileMaker Pro database. It adds new functions to FileMaker Pro:

- Customize spell checking

- Parse XML text into fields

- Combine sets from 2 text fields:

* get all lines that are the same

* get all lines that differ

* and other combinations

- Get (unique) lines and sort words and lines

Suggested Uses

- Specify a custom spelling (language) per database or even per text field. You can also specify to ignore or learn words you or your company might use.

- Receive client information in XML format and parse it easily into your database

- Find all addresses you want to send an email to, without sending duplicates

- Create an index for a book, which is updated automatically

- Keep track of your client relations by generating a dynamic history of activities

- Present portal information horizontally

Troi Text Plug-in is compatible with FileMaker 12, 13, 14 and 15, has support for 64-bit architecture and can run under FileMaker Server in server-side and web-side scripts.

FileMaker Server requirements

Troi Text Plug-in also works with FileMaker Server 12, 13, 14 and 15 as a server-side plug-in and as a plug-in used by the web publishing engine and WebDirect. To use this, you need to purchase a special cross-platform Server/Web license.
Requirements: FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 15, 14, 13 or 12 FileMaker Server (Advanced) 15, 14, 13 or 12 FileMaker Cloud 15

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