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fmFlare creates a simplified FileMaker API (Application Programming Interface) that you call to do tasks efficiently. For example, sending an email with fmFlare is a call to the email Flare with things like the subject, message, To, CC, BCC, and attachment. Select a mail sender, to use different services without changing your code and choose from standard FileMaker send mail, SMTP, SparkPost, Mandrill, Amazon SES, or Mailgun!

Take your solution to the next level. Let us make you look brilliant.

Sometimes service providers change their web APIs, which can break custom integrations. LuminFire does the ongoing work of maintaining fmFlare to stay up to date. To upgrade, just swap out the fmFlare file.

Modules are licensed individually so you only pay for what you need. Personalized setup and assistance in getting started is available from an expert FileMaker engineer so you can get started quickly.

Since most Flares are integration modules, you will may also be signing up for external web services with an account. With fmFlare, you are protected from major pricing changes with external web service vendors because you can easily change the services by changing one parameter in your script. If they change their pricing model and it is no longer cost effective, just switch to a different service! For example, today you might use Amazon S3 for storage…but you could switch to Backblaze B2, Google Drive or Dropbox in the future.
Requirements: FileMaker 17

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