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  • Empresa: Softouch Technologies Ltd
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  • Idioma: English
  • Precio: 1,165 - USD
  • Sector: Propósitos generales
  • Task: Proyectos y tareas
  • Optimizado para iPad / iPhone
  • Para formatos de archivo .fmp12
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Job Pro Central (CRM | Jobs | Tasks | Inventory | Manufacturing | Rentals)

Softouch Technologies Ltd

JobPro Central is a fully customisable, multi-platform business management system that will organise any company or individual that is job, project or manufacturing based. It will improve productivity by centralising business processes such as contact, job and time management, budgeting, scheduling, order processing, invoicing and employee management. For more details and videos or to download a trial version see Contact us to request a live demo.

Run JobPro on Mac, Windows, iPads & iPhones with hosting on your own server or the cloud.

JobPro suits any type of organisation or individual whether you sell services or products, manufacture/assemble products or do repairs/maintenance or rentals/loans. There are a large number of modules that can be turned on or off for each user including:


- Companies, Contacts, Marketing

- Communications (emails, letters, faxes, internal messages, alerts/reminders, SMS messages)

- Document Management


- Calendar

- Jobs & Projects

- Stages (for jobs)

- Tasks

- Time Tracking


- Products/Services

- Assets

- Multiple Locations (for stock or for using locations as resources like meeting rooms or rented studios)

- Batches

- Shipping


- Sales leads & enquiries

- Quotations & estimates

- Sales Orders

- Sales Accounts (companies or individuals)

- Sales Invoices

- Receipts


- Purchase Orders

- Purchase Invoices

- Payments
Requirements: FileMaker Pro 12 required for the latest version of JobPro Central. Hardware and software requirements are based on those for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server (if relevant).

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