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  • Unternehmen: Productive Computing, Inc.
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  • Sprache: English
  • Preis: SaaS is $34/month/user with a $2,775 setup fee. Call for On Premise pricing - USD
  • Branche: Professionelle Dienstleistungen
  • Optimiert für iPad/iPhone
  • für fmp.12-Dateiformat

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Core4 CRM

Productive Computing, Inc.

The Core4 provides a completely open and customizable CRM platform that includes company and individual contacts, calendars, tasks, document storage, correspondence, sales opportunities, estimates, work orders, invoices, payments, inventory, time tracking, projects, reports and dashboards. In addition, it is preprogrammed to work with 3rd party applications including Outlook for Windows, QuickBooks, Address Book,and iCal through the use of optional add-on FileMaker Pro plug-ins. This solution has been engineered for use with FileMaker Pro 15, and is WAN optimized so you may access data from anywhere - your desktop, your iPad, or the web.

Core4 CRM management software is customer relationship management at its best: end-to-end management of all customer touch-points and commitments, from external interactions with your customers to internal project management and task and time tracking, including work orders and invoicing. Robust reporting and a flexible, interactive dashboard help you slice, dice, and understand all that information.

Run it on your server OR host it on PCI’s servers OR purchase our cloud-based subscription service.
Requirements: macOS 10.11 - 10.13

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