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360Works ScriptMaster Advanced General Purpose Plugin for FileMaker


ScriptMaster 4 is a modular plug-in that brings the power and ability of Java to FileMaker. Access to over 80 modules and new functions are included with the free version of ScriptMaster, which includes everything from file manipulation, URL and network utilities, shell scripting, and more. Write Java code to create your own functions for advanced functionality.

ScriptMaster 4 is still available as a free plug-in with the prebuilt modules, but ScriptMaster Advanced brings the ability to create branded plug-ins from either the included modules or your own. ScriptMaster Advanced also adds direct access to the FileMaker clipboard and SQL engine.

A small example of the included functions with ScriptMaster are: crop images, rotate images, screen capture, send HTML email, iPhone push notifications, file manipulations, encrypt and decrypt, run shell script, and much more.
Requirements: FileMaker 12 or later

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