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BaseElements Plug-in

Goya Pty Ltd

The BaseElements plugin is a free and open source plugin to help you extend and improve your FileMaker solutions with no cost and no registration.

The BaseElements plugin adds functions to FileMaker that let you :

Manipulate files.

Show dialogs.

Run XSLT and XPath.

Open URLS and do GET and POST operations.

Set system preferences.

Run Base64 operations.

Zip and Unzip files.

Get and Set the clipboard.

Perform scripts, SQL operations and more.

Best of all, the plug-in is completely cross platform, completely free and will be forever unrestricted. Not only is there no charge for all this great functionality, the source code is available on the web and can be enhanced and extended by anyone.

If you've been interested in plu-gin development and have your own ideas for things to add to your FileMaker solutions, then you can use any or all of the BaseElements plug-in code and adapt it for your own use.
Requirements: FileMaker Pro 11 or later.

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