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Geist Interactive

GoDraw is a full featured drawing tool for FileMaker applications. You can use it to draw on photos, images and diagrams. It works with PNG and JPEG files that are stored in FileMaker Container fields. Its perfect for annotating photos and diagrams.

GoDraw has the standard set of drawing tools that you would expect in a drawing tool. You can draw shapes like squares and circles. You can draw straight and curved lines, with and without arrows. You can even use the text tool to add text anywhere on the canvas.

All drawn objects remain selectable. You can select single objects or groups. Once selected you can scale and rotate the object, or change it's position in the stack order.

GoDraw lets you use other images in your drawing too. These "Favorite" images can be dropped onto the canvas and placed anywhere you like. They're great for things like Map Pins, or other icons used to point out detail in an image. But you can use them for whatever you like.

GoDraw is easy to integrate. The Basic integration takes a few minutes to put in place. You can even use the Demo version to integrate into your solution. It has all features of the Basic Site License version, but it adds a watermark to the image.
Requirements: FileMaker Go 13 or FileMaker Pro 13 Additional free plug-ins required for FileMaker 12 support

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