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GoSign v3.0

Geist Interactive

GoSign lets you place a Signature Pad anywhere on any FileMaker Layout. You can even place it inside the new FileMaker 13 layout objects, PopOvers, and Slide Panels. It works with any FileMaker Pro 12 or greater compatible touch screen or graphics tablet.

On FileMaker Go, GoSign provides a scriptable, flexible alternative to FileMaker Go's built-in signature capture. It gives you more control over how you display the signature pad and what you capture.

GoSign puts FileMaker Signature Capture under script control. Since GoSign is just pure native FileMaker, you can use standard FileMaker techniques like scripts to configure how the Signature Pad looks. You can even configure a On Stop Signing Script Trigger that will call a script when ever the user is done signing. It completely unlocked!


The configurator makes it easy to change the settings. Here is some of what you can change the following:

Width and color of the Signature Base Line

Width and color of the Signature Pen

Size and position of the base line

The script that gets called

and more...

Documentation, Examples, and videos are available.

GoSign works with FileMaker Pro 12, FileMaker Pro 13, FileMaker Go 12 and FileMaker Go 13.

Mac Windows and iOS!
Requirements: FileMaker Go, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad FileMaker Pro, Mac and Windows Versions 12 through 14

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