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Barcode Creator

Geist Interactive

Barcode Creator for FileMaker gives your FileMaker solution the ability to render over a dozen different barcodes, including QR Codes. It's fast, well tested, easy to install, and easy to use.

Barcode Creator is 100% pure FileMaker; no additives or secret ingredients. It uses FileMaker Scripts and FileMaker Scripts alone to create barcodes. There are no plug-ins to install, no fonts to manage, and no web services, or other servers you have to connect to. Its just FileMaker!


Barcode Creator is the perfect companion to FileMaker Go. Now that we can scan barcodes natively with FileMaker Go 13, we need a way to produce those barcodes in the first place. Barcode Creator makes it easy.


Barcode Creator was designed for FileMaker enthusiasts. If you know how to write a FileMaker script, then you can use Barcode Creator.


When you buy Barcode Creator, you get complete access to the code.


Before release, Barcode Creator has to pass an automated test that involves rendering, scanning and verifying 10,000 random barcodes. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t get released.

Barcode Creator is fully documented. There are complete instructions for installing it into your solution and how to use it. There is also extensive documentation on each of the symbologies that Barcode Creator supports.
Requirements: FileMaker Pro 13, FileMaker Go 13, and FileMaker WebDirect FileMaker Pro 12 is also supported

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