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Goya Pty Ltd

RefreshFM is the only update automation product for FileMaker solutions. It works with you to build a custom import process that is completely automated, and highly error checked so you can do updates easily with a single click, and with confidence knowing everything works properly every time.

Instead of trying to copy development changes into a live version of your solution, and leaving some things out, or manually running imports and setting serial fields and forgetting some, RefreshFM handles it all for you.

RefreshFM reads all the file details for you so it knows what tables are in which files where the serial fields are. It handles the process of taking files off FileMaker Server, moving files around and making backups. And every step of the way is documented, error checked and automated, so you know you're going to get the same result every time and you can have confidence in your update process.

Best of all, RefreshFM doesn't require any changes to your solution, so it can work with any existing solution and can be introduced at any time in the development cycle. If you work on one solution or many, RefreshFM will handle them all.

And if you're a product developer, selling shrink wrap solutions, there is a Distribution licence that lets you customise the experience for the end user so you can control the steps, and your users need never leave your product.

RefreshFM includes an unrestricted 30 day demonstration period.
Requirements: FileMaker Pro 11 for RefreshFM 1.x. FileMaker Pro 12 or later for RefreshFM 2.x

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